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650000 Units of Coldwater Creek Apparel

In Nov 2014 JIS acquired over 650000 units of womens apparel and accessories through the bankruptcy liquidation process of this famous brand. By moving quickly to evaluate, fund and transport over 50 trailer loads of product, JIS was able to satisfy both the sellers need to liquidate the inventory and discreetly supply the marketplace with quality product at well below market pricing.


Giftware - Home Décor- and Xmas Items

JIS has become the major re-distributor of excess gift, holiday and home décor product in the United States. From 2012 through mid 2015, JIS has purchsed and sold over 175 trailer loads of brand name gift, novelty, xmas and everyday product to retailers. JIS has provided immediate cash liquidity to sellers and provided retail clients with tremendous margin and sell though to their store and internet customers.


Pet Product Liquidation

In 2014 and 2015 JIS purchased over 70 trailers of brand name pet product and supplied retailers throughout the United States and overseas with high value product in this category.


750000 Units of Brand Name Ladies Accessories

JIS purchased first quality famous name and accessories that were excess to the operations of a major supplier and quietly disposed of the product creating great value to both our resource and retail clients.


$52 Million Russ Berrie Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In 2011, iconic manufacturer Russ Berrie, famous for its plush toy and gift lines, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with the United States Bankruptcy Court. Through an auction that resulted from this filing, JIS and two joint venture partners purchased Russ Berrie's entire inventory, valued at over $52 million. The joint venture operated the Company's 500,000 square foot warehouse for 6 months while selling off the Company's inventory to the piece. JIS was able to use the Company's existing customer base to enhance the value of the inventory. At the time of the auction, this strategy allowed the joint venture to put forth the best bid for the Company's assets.


2.1 Million Units of Licensed Paper and Party Products

With the sale of its paper and party goods division, a major gift and paper goods manufacturer needed to close one of its distribution centers and sell off over 2 million units of licensed paper and party goods. JIS quickly moved, reworked and remarketed the inventory to regional retailers with an emphasis on protecting both the brand and the integrity of the licenses.


400,000 Units of Active Apparel and Loungewear

A manufacturer of basic apparel ceased operations and needed a fast solution for the disposition of its inventory. JIS immediately moved the 20 truckloads of merchandise to its warehouse and provided the manufacturer with the immediate liquidity they sought.


2.3 Million Units of Health and Beauty Aids

A famous maker of bath and body products had a large overstock of private label inventory due to a packaging change by a major retail chain. JIS arranged for the transport of over 60 truckloads of health and beauty aids to our upstate New York warehouse and completed the sale while protecting the integrity of the private label.


500,000 Private Label Sunglasses and Reading Glasses

A major manufacturer of private label sunglasses and reading glasses needed to quickly monetize over a half million pieces of excess inventory. JIS purchased the entire inventory and in accordance with stipulations to protect the distribution channels and brand integrity, our logistics team removed the inventory, relabeled and remarketed the goods thereby allowing the client to continue existing operations as usual.


2.2 Million Pairs of Socks

A major private label hosiery manufacturer that was exiting the business needed to sell off more than two million pairs of socks. They required the immediate pickup of the inventory as well as relabeling to ensure that the selloff of this inventory would not in any way impact their normal distribution channels. JIS financed the entire purchase, providing immediate liquidity to our client. Our logistics team removed the inventory, relabeled and remarketed the goods. Maintaining the client's brand integrity in the marketplace allowed them to focus on and build their other accessory businesses.


9.4 Million Units of Stationery, Craft and Activity Sets

A major brand name toy and stationery manufacturer desired to quickly convert over $15 million of excess inventory into working capital. With only a week to complete the transaction, JIS structured a deal providing the financing necessary to satisfy the client's immediate needs and subsequently began the successful removal of over four hundred trailer loads of inventory from the client's East and West Coast distribution centers.



$10 Million Famous Department Store Towel Inventory

Through an international partnership, JIS sourced and has imported over 60 containers of high quality cotton towels and supplied the United States retail market with extreme value soft home product.


Toy Overstock in Hong Kong

We were contacted by a Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer desiring to sell off an overstock of 15 containers of toys that had been produced too late for shipment to intended customers. JIS purchased the entire inventory and took possession in China. We arranged for direct shipment to some of our customers in the United States and UK with the balance of the goods being transported to the United States for disposition to various customers.


Southeast Asian Apparel Manufacturer

A major manufacturer of men's and ladies' basic tops in Southeast Asia uses JIS on a regular basis to clean out its excess inventory and other inventory accumulated due to cancellations. As a very healthy manufacturer, our client understands the importance of keeping a clean inventory and quickly monetizing inefficient assets. JIS continues to bring in several containers of merchandise a year from this manufacturer.









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