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Jerome Goldstein


With over 30 years in the asset restructuring industry, Jerry Goldstein is an expert in the field of inventory valuation, asset disposition, and merchandising. Jerry has been responsible for overseeing the liquidation of billions of dollars in consumer products inventories both domestically and internationally. He has traveled to many countries in Asia and Central America establishing a network of suppliers for many consumer product categories. He is a well-known appraiser of consumer product wholesale values and is consulted by lenders nationwide on matters of inventory valuation.

Goldstein previously served as the President of the Wholesale Services Division of the Ozer Group, a leading national consulting, appraisal and liquidation Firm. Prior to that he was the Managing Director of the Gordon Brothers Wholesale Group. At both of these firms, he built the sourcing network and sales team responsible for the purchase and sale of the entire wholesale inventory portfolio.


Contact Jerry at: jgoldstein@justinventory.com


Shelly Godfrey

Operations Manager

With over 12 years in the asset disposition industry, Shelly Godfrey has presided over the analysis, appraisal, liquidation and accounting of billions of dollars in assets both domestically and internationally. She has overseen sales, logistics, project analysis, finance and internal operations at JIS. She heads up Just Inventory’s marketing efforts and inventory valuation, as well as being involved in product sourcing.


Contact Shelly at: sgodfrey@justinventory.com




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